Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's in Space-- SFR Freebie!

Free for Mother's Day!

Widow Aerria faces galactic prison when her precocious daughter rescues a child from an observation-only planet. She turns to old friend Domingo, a recovered cyborg, for help. A short story set in the Diaspora Worlds universe.

What if you kick ass heroine becomes a mother? It is not really that far-fetched an idea.Women through the centuries have welcomed and loved their children. What about in Scifi Romance?

I love colonization SciFi. It is hopeful, people are moving to that alien planet to start a future, for themselves and their children.

Becoming a mother was a life changing experience for me. My life focus changed dramatically, far more than it did when I got married, or when I graduated from college or any other life passage. Life centered around the Child. Other women I know well have this same reaction to motherhood. It seems common. I suspect it was just as common in 11 BC as it is in our time.

What about 4011 AD? What will life be like for families, for children, for mothers? I doubt that a two-year-old will be any different in the distant future than a two-year-old is right now, or that child development will change any significant way. I doubt children will potty train upon walking with no muss, fuss or accidents, or that adolescents will be mood-swing free. Culture, marriage and family structure might change--but a two-year-old will still need constant interaction and oversight. Children will still need years of care and will never be conveniently hidden away until the day they are mature adults.

I find the topic of child rearing in the future fascinating. In popular television, we have glimpses of child rearing aboard the Enterprise. In classic scifi fiction, Robert Heinlein's Lazarus Long is part of a group marriage, where children are welcome and child care is shared. There are also planet pioneers with family structure similar to what we experience. Podkayne's life is disrupted by the early arrival of twins--though hers did not come from Mother's womb.

Although she is not actually scifi, Buffy is a good example of a kick ass heroine with parenting responsibilities  She becomes responsible for the rearing of her younger sister Dawn after the death of their mother. Lucky for them both, Buffy was not a loner and developed a loyal group of Scoobies, who helped her fight the evils from the Hellmouth and also made pancakes for her sister Dawn. Even Spike the vampire did babysitting duty.

That is part of what I find fascinating about the topic of children in the future. It is hard to raise a child all alone, isolated. Western homesteaders developed schools and social events so their isolated families could be together. Children encourage community, people bonding together to make a safe environment for families.

I do write SFR with Mother Heroines! My short story Cyborg Security, free today, has a situation caused by a precocious child.

In Refugees  On Urloon, I have a mother heroine. My heroine Svana is an older woman, and a mother. Her daughter is grown and they are separated by a huge distance. As if life is not complicated enough, planning a future on an isolated, strange world, Svana experiences an unplanned pregnancy.  She now has far more to worry about.

In Starlander's Myth, my heroine is a widow with a four-year-old daughter. Her child makes her situation even direr and she struggles to provide a safe haven for them.

While romances with children and babies do not appeal to every reader, they do have their readers. For a woman with a child, the stakes become much higher. Like in life, getting the job done might require an ensemble of caregivers, A child might do something impulsive or dangerous that causes I think there is room in science fiction romance for romances that include mother, children, fathers and the chaos of family life.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

WeWriWa Orc in Winter #2

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Excerpt from soon to be released short fantasy romance, Orc in Winter.

Morwenna was the only woman in the company.
Sherrow was furious.
“Dudley, you will sleep in the cart with her. You will stay with her at all times when we are stopped, and my cart always follows hers, understand? If the others try to order you around, ignore them. And carry a knife, both of you. A change of plans with an assassin on the loose calls for extra caution.”
Morwenna caught his eyes, and he nodded at her. “Make sure I have my sword here in the cart. I think it is with the household goods. In fact, get all the weapons I own in this cart."


I had a bunch of books age out of Kindle Unlimited so have been busy taking care of those. Ord is next!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 30 We Wr Wa: Orc in WInter

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Fiona checked the orc, who began to wake. His eyes, Morwenna was surprised to note, were the same hazel green as the Queen’s, rimmed in dark lashes.
“Good morning, cousin Sherrow,“ Queen Tadame said to the orc.  “We have you safely hidden for now, and Goddess willing, will move you north out of harm's way in a few short days.”
The orc grimaced. “It was my job to protect you, Tad. Not be coddled like yon babe.”
“You will one day be at full strength and protect me again. This is but for a season.” She raised her eyebrows at him.  “If it was a sword wound you would not fuss so much.”
Sherrow scowled. “Honey bread pudding. I was laid low by a sweet.”

My excerpt is from a short Fantasy Romance story coming out this week at 0.99, Orc in Winter, under an altered pen name, M. Locklyn Aires. It is set in a  series called The Everlands.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Orc in Winter, coming soon!

I have a short fantasy romance out in April!

I have been playing with fantasy romance for some time. This short story is set in a series I call Frostmere Fantasies, a group of stories set in the countries that border a sea called Frostmere. It will be published in all bookstores

This is a Yuletide tale that was originally in the Romance DIvas' Romance Is... Winter Romance Anthology. The story I am publishing Orc In Winter as a .99 short in all the bookstores. It is a smidge longer and a smidge hotter than the story in the Antho.

Another short, Bridal Faire, should be ready this summer.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SFR Snippet! From The Enforcer

This is a story set in my Love on the Space Frontier universe. The hero is Kian Starlander, related to my hero in Starlander's Myth. This story will be in a cross genre anthology later this year.

Harlowe sat hunched on her cot, her wool blanket around her shoulders. Three year old Jerzee sat on her lap playing a counting game with chalk pictures on a piece of slate. Soon it would be lunch, then quiet time for the children of the jail. Most of the adults would nap, too, conserving their strength from the meager food rations they were given,
The midday meal was delivered and it was larger than the normal thin soup and bread. There was bread, cheese and a thick stew with visible meat. And seasoned with salt! All the prisoners in Cell Q7 were pleased, but confused. They were the lowest of the low. Traitors with few skills the overlords could exploit the family members of executed rebels. Mostly the five women cared for a hoard of children, who ranged in age from infant to a seventeen year old boy. Some were their own children, others were orphans, children or relatives of dissidents.
Supper, usually a piece of bread, was bread, cheese, and an apple. Harlowe fell back on her cot and wondered what was going on. Their guards, surly, slovenly as they were, remained the same.
Breakfast was eggs and bread. Eggs, scrambled with butter and salt.
While it was great to feel full, to have more energy, Harlowe wondered what was going on. Two weeks after the expanded rations, the guards had them line up. "We are going to another facility where you will shower and change into more appropriate clothing."
The facility was a brightly lit military bunkhouse at the spaceport, the clothing was skinsuits, thin knits like those worn on spaceflights under protective coveralls. A guard— female— had them shower and change into the two piece under suits with skirts and blouses over. The clothing was used, but in good repair, and clean. It was the first time in over a year Harlowe was completely clean, hair shampooed and everything.
“Sit here quietly.” The guard shut them all into the bunkhouse and they whispered a bit and tried to keep the children calm.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Superhero and Sci-fi Romance Sale!

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My Entry is ALIEN BLOOD. Here is a little bit about the story.

Alien Blood is actually the first book I wrote in the Diaspora Worlds Series, and it started out as a 10k short in an antho that never saw the light of day. After that publisher #fail  I wrote Her Cyborg Awakes about one of the other brothers in the family of the four sons of the Protectorate of New Prague, Judith. I thought it mght be hard to re-contract Alien Blood (this was before self publishing became a thing, back when small digital romance publishers were everywhere.) Her Cyborg Awakes came out and I finished Alien Blood...but the publisher I found was again a huge issue (bat crap crazy) and I went through a painful process of getting rights back for Her Cyborg Awakes, while Alien Blood just sat there on the computer.

Eventually I self published Her Cyborg Awakes,  followed by Alien Blood, and later, Starwoman's Sanctuary. Escaping Poison finished the original series.
A new story, actually with two minor characters from Alien Blood, will be out this summer, Cyborg Defective.

Alien Blood is a survival story, and for me it is pretty symbolic of the volatile nature of digital publishing. My Hero and Heroine had to be flexible and wily to win the day, so do authors!